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What smells repel deer?

Deer are small animals with cute appearance. They have the ability to run fast for many hours. Mostly deer are found in jungles and forests. People also keep deer in cages at their gardens. Wild deer may create various problems for you. It can enter your garden and cause damage to your plants, flowers, vegetables, and fruits. Thus, it is necessary to repel deer to keep the garden and lawns safe from its threats.

It is not a humane activity to shoot or kill the deer with guns. Law also does not allow us to torture or treat deer violently. There are various peaceful ways to deter deer. However, the most effective way to chase away deer is the use of smells. There are a variety of scents that help you repel deer. The following listed fragrances are amazing remedies to get rid of deer.

Soap Bars
Deer do not feel at ease in the presence of soap smell. It plays with a sensitive smelling sense of deer. Soap bars should be hanged in the garden or placed at various points around the garden. The stronger the fragrance of soap, the better the results. Soap emit fumes that are unwanted to deer. In this way, deer stop approaching your garden. However, soaps containing coconut smell may attract deer. Therefore, be careful not to selective soaps emitting coconut smell.

Human Hair
Deer fear human beings as predators. Therefore, the smell of human hair can serve as a repellent for deer. You need to visit a local salon and find human hair. Put hair in a small cloth bag and hang it in the garden. Deer would perceive danger and run away immediately. They will be tricked considering the smell of hair as human presence.

Plants and herbs also serve as a deer repellent. Deer do not like nasty smells. Some herbs give off a very unpleasant smell. Herbs such as mint, tansy, and yarrow are useful in deer containment. On account of its strong odor, these herbs have been used by people to walk away deer around the gardens.

Garlic Smell
Garlic can prevent unwanted deer. Garlic scent repels most of the creatures that may prove harmful to your garden. Thus, deer is no exception. Deer being sensitive to smell, dislike garlic. Garlic is one of the most used remedies to get rid of deer nuisance. It does not cause physical damage to deer but compel them to leave your garden peacefully.

Rotten Eggs
The smell of rotten eggs is also an effective means to repel deer. It has a heavy smell that is much disliked by deer and human beings alike. In this way, rotten eggs can serve the purpose of repelling deer.

Deer are animals mostly present in jungles. They are also found at urbane centers. Deer can be a useful animal for human beings. Nevertheless, on certain occasions, deer become damaging to your gardens. Numerous methods are there to push away deer. Smells delineated in this article are the most powerful remedies to stop the entry of deer into your garden.

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