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Pigeon odor causes and how to remove the smell?

Do pigeon smell?
Pigeons produce the smell, and some scientists found out that pigeons can smell very well, and they can navigate correctly over the journeys of several hundreds of miles. They do it by smell. Some research found that pigeons create "odor maps" in their mind neighborhood and use these to orient themselves.

Pigeon odor causes are as following:

The spread of disease
The disease Psittacosis disease is spread by the pigeon when water droplet mixes up with the pigeon droppings. It causal of odor and fatal disease for human breathing, including a flu-like illness. The bad pigeon odor can damage human life. Conditions such as Histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis spread due to pigeons and their smell.

The odor from droppings
Pigeons feces, urine, and droppings consisted of some bacteria and smell, which are harmful to human life. The wastes included bacteria, which can be detrimental to the social immune system. Pigeon droppings produce a specific unpleasant odor. Pigeon is dropping health hazardous for humans.

Air pollution
The bad odor can be the source of air pollution having infected bacteria. The smell generated from the pigeon feces damages the purity of air and pollute. It sometimes causes difficulty in the respiratory system. Asthma patients should stay away from pigeons. Some bacterial infection causal of diarrhea in human beings.

The odor from the shelter
The smell rising from the pigeon's hut and the rest over food is very unpleasant. The rest over pigeon food having an odor can pose a nuisance to human health. They can pose a risk to human health.

Removal of Pigeon smell:

The smell of pigeons can be removed by adapting these following steps:

Step 1
Wear the gloves, then do the cleaning process properly. Clean the pigeon place with unscented dish wash. Wash that area properly and clean the dirt from there. Clean with the dry cloth or mope the site.

Step 2
Remove all the droppings from the place and throw them into the trash and clean the area and remove the pigeon poop, urine from the site and wash the area and dry it.

Step 3
Vacuum and sweep the pigeon's area neatly every day and remove the feathers, seeds, and other debris. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the smell because it cleans properly. Wash the place with hot and soapy water. Disinfect the area by using filters properly.

Step 4
Pigeon odor also occurs with the rest over feed having infectious bacteria present in the food. Remove this bacterial food of pigeons and save that place by using anti-infection sprays and cleaners.

Avoid using sprays having aerosol oils, sprays, and scented candles to remove the smell. Because all birds such as pigeons are sensitive and may become ill if you directly spray in their presence.

Follow the above steps to get rid of the smell, but if the situation exceeds, then call the exterminator to help because these professionals are having some authentic techniques and chemicals to cleaning and have chemical sprays to remove the smell.

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