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Natural deterrent for raccoons

Raccoons are omnivorous and nocturnal mammals that live in urban and suburban regions, which are less populated with humans. The actual habitat of raccoons is forest, but because of their highly adaptable nature, they now tend to thrive in coastal marshes, mountainous, and urban areas.

If you’ve ever been to these areas or have been living in these areas, you’ve probably witnessed raccoons near trash cans because they are versatile enough to eat anything from any food source.

If you are on a hunt to search a natural deterrent for raccoons, you should ask yourself: what precautions should be adopted to get rid of them? Which pest control method should be used which would not harm the environment? Is there any natural repellent for raccoons?

Natural remedies to repel raccoons are:

Hot pepper sauce/spray

Raccoons hate the strong smell of spice as they have an efficient smelling sense. All you need to do to make this cheap spray is you have to take hot sauce or cayenne pepper powder and mix it in a large water container. You can also add dishwashing liquid to increase its effectiveness. Stir the mixture and spray it outside your house and nearby garbage bins. But don’t forget to respray it after rain as pepper loses its intensity with the passage of time. By following this, you can keep them away from your residential areas.


Raccoons are very tidy animals, even though their major food sources are trash cans. They don’t urinate around their lairs, and food also dislikes the smell of urine. As urine contains ammonia, you can keep raccoons away using ammonia because it has a very strong smell. You just have to put ammonia strategically to deter a raccoon from your surroundings.


As I’ve mentioned above that raccoons are smell sensitive animals and don’t like foods with the foul smell. You can spray vinegar around garbage cans to restrict them from coming near. Or you can simply place open jars or bottles containing vinegar around your area. A tip is to respray it very often.

Epsom salt

Epsom salt is very rich in sodium, which tastes bitter to raccoons if sprinkled in trash bins and surroundings. Epsom salt is a very cheap and effective natural repellent for raccoons.


Cucumber is the other trick in controlling raccoons. You just have to plant cucumbers around you as it acts as a fence for them. They are not able to tolerate their smell. Hence, you can get rid of them this way.


Garlic plays a vital role as an obstacle between you, your houses, and raccoons. It acts as a natural deterrent for raccoons. You only have to crush garlic cloves with chili and spread it where you want to restrict them.

Predator urine

For this, you need to buy raccoon’s predator urine and pour it in their surroundings. This trick will keep them away by fooling them that their predator is nearby. Their predators include wolves, coyotes, mountain lions, or bobcats.

Bonus tip!

Make sure to keep your trash cans tightly closed as it is the significant source of their food. As a consequence, by using these deterrents, you can say bye-bye to these nuisance animals as soon as possible!

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